The Human Side of Technology

In today’s world, where the narrative surrounding AI and tech can often be negative, it’s refreshing to witness technology’s transformative and positive power in real, human stories.

The Human Side of technologz

Take, for instance, the heartwarming journey of the Hnatiuk family. Escaping from the ravages of war in Ukraine, their path to a new beginning in America was made possible by Welcome Connect. This innovative platform, birthed from a collaboration between Welcome.US, Goldman Sachs, and ServiceNow, seamlessly matches Ukrainian refugees with willing American sponsors.

The touching images of young Ukrainian children next to tanks, where playgrounds once stood, ignited a collective desire to help. Thanks to technology, this desire was channeled into actionable support. The Luchterhands, touched by these images, could open their homes to the Hnatiuk family, all thanks to the digital prowess of Welcome Connect.

At Reddytec, with our own Ukrainian roots, we are deeply moved by such stories. They are a testament to how technology, when designed with empathy and purpose, can rewrite destinies and bridge divides.

Furthermore, the launch of emphasizes that even nonprofits, which often have to do more with limited resources, shouldn’t lag behind technologically. A robust digital platform can amplify their impact, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their mission goals.

Gratitude to ServiceNow for sharing such an inspiring narrative.


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